Dr Nikki Newham

  • Nikki Newham

Regional Services Manager - Upper North Island, Transpower New Zealand Ltd

Nikki has always enjoyed taking things apart and seeing if she can make them better, preferably with fewer pieces.  She is a chartered professional engineer with 16 years’ experience in the power industry. Her background is in electrical engineering, specialising in power system investment and transmission analysis for which she received a PhD at the University of Canterbury and the EPECentre Postgraduate Scholarship.

Nikki works for Transpower, recently taking up a new role, leading Grid Service Delivery for the upper North Island. Previously, she worked as CEO’s Advisor, concentrating on strategic projects and programme coordination. This is a fancy way of saying “figuring out the future”, which is entertainingly complex. She has also led the System Planning team in studying transmission system capability issues and investments.

Nikki started at Transpower on their graduate programme, far too many years ago to tell you the date, and continues to support graduates through mentoring, career support and coaching. When she’s not doing engineering, she’s doing “outdoor stuff”.

Published November 2018

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