Matt Blake

  • Matt Blake

EPECentre Undergraduate Scholar

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Published April 2020

My name is Matt Blake and I am a 3rd Professional Year Electrical and Electronic Engineering Student. I was born and raised in Wellington, but I decided to move to Christchurch to attend UC. This was due to its positive engineering reputation and exciting student culture. This proved to be a great decision and it allowed me to take part in opportunities such as organising volunteer events as part of the SVA Executive, being the treasurer of the IEEE Student Branch and attending a summer school in Weihai, China. 

I am interested in engineering, as I like the idea of using science and technology to solve real-world problems. Electrical Engineering, particularly power engineering, therefore seemed like a natural fit, due to the exciting challenges faced in dealing with real-world problems like climate change. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to intern at both Wellington Electricity and Transpower. These internships taught me a lot about the power industry and engineering design. A highlight of my time at Transpower was helping to simulate the future of New Zealand's national grid and how it would be affected by emerging technologies, as part of Te Mauri Hiko - Energy Futures. 

The EPECentre Undergraduate Scholarship has been extremely helpful for me. It has given me the opportunity to meet and learn from industry members and visit operation sites, such as substations and power stations, during the North Island Power Systems Field Trip.