Alvin Li

  • Alvin Li

EPECentre Undergraduate Scholar

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Published December 2018

Briefly describe yourself

I really enjoy meeting new people, going to new places and learning new things. I like spending time in the outdoors, tramping and playing football, and also love music.

Why did you choose to study at UC?

I’m from Christchurch and have always enjoyed being in the outdoors, so I wanted to keep that going. Engineering at UC is also very prestigious.

Why engineering?

I’ve always enjoyed problem-solving and did a few technology projects in high school, which led me to doing engineering at university.

I chose electrical because I am interested in the outdoors and the environment, so renewable energy and developing sustainable technology has always motivated me. It’s also an area that is growing and will continue to be important in the future.  

How have you benefitted from the EPECentre scholarship?

Last year, I went on the field trip to the North Island, where we went to industry sites. We started from Wellington and moved upwards, including Whakamaru and Nga Awa Purua Geothermal Power Stations. It covered a diverse range of jobs, so was really helpful.

I’ve really enjoyed studying electrical at UC and EPECentre has played a huge part in that.

How would you like to contribute to the electricity industry after completing your studies?

I am really keen to help accelerate the transition to renewable energy.

What advice would you give to students thinking about engineering?

Try to find what you really enjoy, because you do spend a lot of time studying. It is so much easier if you are genuinely interested in the content you are learning.

What have been your highlights of the year?

I went on an exchange to China for five weeks, through UC’s Peking University Summer Programme. We were able to do course in Chinese language, and international business and Chinese culture. We also did an internship project for the Canterbury Mayoral Forum. Peking is one of the best universities in China, and it is really competitive to get in there, so being amongst that type of crowd really motivated and inspired me to make an impact on society.

UC Engineering has committed to the Diversity Agenda. What are your experiences of diversity at UC?

Going to China with the exchange group, with people from all walks of life, studying very different things, shows how important diversity is. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, so if you get a wide range of people, you get a wide range of strengths, which is quite powerful.