Solar Tool and PV uptake

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Solar Tool

EECA energywiseTM Solar Tool

The EECA energywise (TM) PV Solar Calculator
Alan Wood, Allan Miller, Sharee McNab, Scott Lemon (EEA Conference 2016)

What if... you had Solar Power on Your Home?
Allan Miller (2015 Seminar)

PV uptake

Emerging energy transitions: PV uptake beyond subsidies
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Effects of time-scale on householder PV economic analyses: over-estimation of self-consumption
Daniel Brown, Sharee McNab, Allan Miller (EEA Conference 2017)

Predicting PV Uptake in New Zealand
Sharee McNab, Allan Miller, Alan Wood, Scott Lemon (SEANZ 2016)

The Economics and Potential Uptake of PV Solar Power by Region and PV System Cost
Sharee McNab, Allan Miller, Scott Lemon, Alan Wood (EEA Conference 2016)

Economics of photovoltaic solar power and uptake in New Zealand
Allan Miller, Michael Hwang, Scott Lemon, E. Grant Read and Alan Wood (EEA Conference 2015)

Photovoltaic (PV) Uptake in NZ: The story so far
Ford, R., Stephenson, J., Scott, M., Williams, J., Wooliscroft, B., King, G., & Miller, A. (Working Paper, 2014). Centre for Sustainability, University of Otago

PV in Blueskin: Drivers, barriers and enablers of uptake of household photovoltaic systems in the Blueskin communities, Otago, New Zealand
King, G., Stephenson, J., & Ford, R. (Working Paper, 2014). Centre for Sustainability, University of Otago

Moving to the Sunny Side of the Street: Growing Residential Solar Electricity in New Zealand
Alan Wood, Allan Miller, Nicholas Claridge (EEA Conference 2013)
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Energetic and economic optimisation of islanded household-scale photovoltaic-plus-battery systems
Ian Mason and Allan Miller. Renewable Energy, Volume 96, Part A, October 2016, Pages 559–573

Environmental Aspects of Photovoltaic Solar Power: The New Zealand Context
Luke Schwartfeger and Allan Miller (EEA Conference 2015)

Photovoltaic Solar Power Update in New Zealand
Allan Miller, John Williams, David Santos-Martin, Scott Lemon, Neville Watson and Shreejan Pandey (EEA Conference 2014)