Power quality

Most of the power quality work has been funded jointly by the Power Quality Project and GREEN Grid.

Power-Quality Management in New Zealand
Neville Watson. IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery (Volume: 31, Issue: 5, Oct. 2016)

The Power Quality trend in a New Zealand Distribution Company
Hans Wijaya, Neville Watson, Gavin Bonnett (EEA conference 2016)

Power Quality Indices
Neville Watson and Allan Miller (EEA conference 2015)

Smart meters to monitor power quality at consumer premises
Michael Campbell, Neville Watson and Allan Miller (EEA conference 2015)

Power Quality Management
Neville Watson, Vic Gosbell, Sarath Perera, Sean Elphick (EEA conference 2014)
Available on request

Heat-pump performance: voltage dip/sag, under-voltage and over-voltage
Bill Heffernan, Neville Watson and Jeremy Watson. IET (2014). Note that this work was not funded by the GREEN Grid project, but its topic area is related.

EEA Power Quality Guide (Update and Amendment) 2013