Distributed Generation – Guide

Guide for Connection of Small-Scale Inverter-Based Distributed Generation (Interim Guide)
EEA (2018)

EEA Distributed Generation Guide and EA issues’ paper – Summary and Update
Richard Strahan (Presentation to Industry Advisory Panel, November 2018)

Draft EEA Guide for Connection of Small-Scale Inverter Based Distributed Generation (Draft Guide for consultation)
EEA (2016)

New Zealand Guideline for the Connection of PV Solar Power and Determining Hosting Capacity for PV Solar Power
Richard Strahan, Sharee McNab, Shreejan Pandey, Scott Lemon, Allan Miller, Neville Watson, Alan Wood, Tim Crownshaw (Solar Integration workshop, November 2016, Vienna)

Guideline for the connection of small-scale inverter based distributed generation: an introduction and summary
Allan Miller, Richard Strahan, Sharee McNab, Tim Crownshaw, Shreejan Pandey, Neville Watson, Scott Lemon, Alan Wood (EEA conference 2016)

Presentations - EEA Managment Workshop 22 June 2016 (ZIP, 5MB)

Small-scale PV inverters - New equipment standards versus actual performance
Bill Heffernan, Patrick Chen, Ankur Mishra (EEA conference 2016)

Review of Distributed Generation Interconnection Standards
Luke Schwartfeger, David Santos-Martin (EEA conference 2014)