Past GREEN Grid Conferences

The GREEN Grid project organises an annual conference for its main stakeholders. GREEN Grid is officially titled the Renewable Energy and the Smart Grid project. 


The 2018 GREEN Grid conference took place on 13 April 2018 at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch. We received lots of positive feedback about this event, which gathered about 140 participants, including the UC research team and speakers.

The morning was focussed on recent research findings from the GREEN Grid project, starting with a high-level summary of CSAFE (University of Otago) work on residential demand, and potential future changes to residential electricity load profiles. We then had updates from EPECentre PhD students on their work on renewable variability, followed by a presentation on the impact of Inverter Energy systems on protection of LV Networks. The last topic covered the potential benefits of the optimisation of a home battery storage, with or without PV generation. Some of those works were preliminary, and we welcome any comments or contribution.

The conference was followed by an EV seminar. The objective of this seminar was to share the learning and experiences from different projects led by researchers, postgraduate students and industry members. It included talks about EV uptake and trends, EV energy storage technologies and range, an evaluation of EV performance from a user’s perspective, including battery ageing, EV impact on EDB’s network and more. The UC Motorsport 100% Electric Formula SAE race car was on display, and participants were able to race the car in their virtual reality simulator.

The EPECentre would like to thank, in addition to the GREEN Grid main funders (MBIE, Transpower and EEA), the GREEN Grid conference 2018 sponsors (Orion, ETEL Transformers and EECA) as well as our Industry speakers: Elizabeth Yeaman (EECA), Russell Watson (Northpower), Eric Pellicer (Powerco), Stephen Godfrey (Orion), Shaneel Singh and Yee Mei Vong (EA Networks), Daniel Myall (Flip the Fleet) and Ed Harvey (EVNEX).

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