Projects & Experience

Find below an extensive experience list and links to large projects involving EPECentre researchers.

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ProjectClient(s), Funder(s) and/or Supplier(s)Related Programme
Network Waitaki - Probabilistic EV Hosting Study Network Waitaki  
EV charger testing EECA  
International HVDC Consulting services and special study project Industry consulting  
Architecture of the Future Low Carbon, Resilient, Electrical Power System (FAN) MBIE SSIF - AETP FAN
EV hosting study Orion  
Investigation of low voltage distribution pedestals Unison  
Repurposing EV batteries for stationary energy applications in NZ - Techno-commercial evaluation DARC Technology  
High power testing (as a test engineer) DNV-GL (formerly KEMA), STIMBR Smart Electrode
High voltage testing STIMBR Smart Electrode
HVDC and FACTS system design, power system integration studies, protection and control design Utilities world wide, GE  
ProjectClient(s), Funder(s) and/or Supplier(s)Related Programme
NZ-German Platform for Green Hydrogen Integration (HINT) Catalyst Funding  
Evaluation the opportunity to engineering transition to a low-carbon freight transport system in NZ Swire Shipping  
Optimisation of a multiple tilt angle Solar system DARC Technology   
Solar calculator EECA  GREEN Grid
DGHost  Electricity Utilities and MBIE  GREEN Grid
Distributed generation (PV) connection guidelines EEA and MBIE GREEN Grid
Modelling NZ PV uptake MBIE GREEN Grid
Optimising power system reserve for contingencies while considering response times MBIE GREEN Grid
Fault location in distribution networks  Tait Electronics  
Modelling controlled hot water systems EECA  
High resolution spatial and temporal solar, wind and wave power data series for New Zealand  MBIE GREEN Grid
Design and execution of the solution to integrate off-shore windpark into an onshore grid Tennet, GE  
Design and control of half-bridge DC connected dynamic braking system Solution development, GE  
ProjectClient(s), Funder(s) and/or Supplier(s)Related Programme
Design and implementation of electric and magnetic field measurement array to measure spatial current distribution in and potential distribution across isotropic or anisotropic media with electrical excitation STIMBR Smart Electrode
Design of wide range of signal conditioners and converters for thermo-couples and other sensors Industrial Interface (UK)  
Novel cascaded CT-based current sensors, with bilateral depletion FET switches for measuring current distribution in and voltage distribution across novel (patented) segmented electrodes STIMBR Smart Electrode
ProjectClient(s), Funder(s) and/or Supplier(s)Related Programme
Model-based predictive control of heating of anisotropic materials such as wood STIMBR Smart Electrode
Development of one dimensional model to predict the heating of anisotropic materials such as wood STIMBR  
Three dimensional modelling of Joule heating in heterogeneous, anisotropic media, such as wood STIMBR  
Process heat and energy modelling IPL NZ, Boise-Cascade (USA)  
Process flow design, optimisation and instrumentation Petrofac LLC  
Design of pneumatic scheme for log heating rig STIMBR  
Optimisation of CAPEX and OPEX (including RAM) as a part of solution design GE Tenders and contracts  
ProjectClient(s), Funder(s) and/or Supplier(s)Related Programme
Electrical motor prototype development Heroux-Devtek  
A new electromagnetic imaging method for advanced food process optimization MBIE Food Imaging
High magnetic field electric propulsion for space MBIE Electrification of Transport
High efficiency, lightweight propulsion systems for electrification of transport MBIE SSIF - AETP Electrification of Transport
Testing of FET Switching Thermal Performance Industry consulting  
Ultra high temperature brushless motors for geothermal industry, deployed internationally MB Century Ltd  
Novel single phase permanent magnet motor custom-designed for volume production Wellington Drive Technologies Ltd, Grundfos Management A/S  
Motor design consultancy UBCO Ltd, AuCom Ltd  
Actuator design consultancy PulseData/Humanware Ltd  
Three-dimensional modelling of electromagnetic field distribution in heterogeneous, anisotropic media, such as wood STIMBR Smart Electrode
Patented magnetic components with optimally interleaved windings Weir Electronics  
ProjectClient(s), Funder(s) and/or Supplier(s)Related Programme
FET education tool Energy Education Trust NZ  
Near-field optical lithography using evanescent waves IBM  
Photonic crystal devices including a slow light device IBM  
World’s smallest SRAM cell (circa 2004) IBM  
Battery Go-Cart synchronous MOSFET chopper with regenerative braking driving PM 24V motor University of Canterbury  
Novel fluorescent tube replacement system with 3 LED strings (White, Cyan-Blue, Red-Orange) driven by single modified dual-mode buck/flyback-converter Solar Bright - LED lighting  
Development of trapezoidal current driver for large electromagnet - resulting in the invention of a novel BH-bridge SfTI National Science Challenge Inverting Electromagnetics
Design and fabrication of a new generation of off-line switch-mode power supplies Weir Electronics  
Design and implementation of SCADA system implemented using Zigbee, MODBUS Ethernet and LabVIEW STIMBR Smart Electrode
Refrigerator fan motor drive COB update Wellington Drives  
Performance evaluation of household technologies such as LED bulbs, heat-pumps and PV inverters MBIE Power Quality
HVDC valve performance, rating and control Utilities world wide, GE  
Design guideline package for LCC and VSC HVDC solutions GE  

Ongoing Projects

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