Energy InTIME©

InTIME©: Interdisciplinary Transition Innovation, Management & Engineering

Building a Sustainable Future

This course aims to inspire and enable discovery and realization of effective change toward carbon emissions downshift in a variety of organizational contexts (engineering, education, business, government, non-profit organization, and community). The course explores new quantitative understanding of climate and resource challenges of unsustainable energy, resource, materials and growth, using a mix of theory, storytelling and examples.  The course guides students to advance their related capabilities, competencies, and strategies. The personal, interpersonal, organizational, and infrastructural dimensions of change leadership for energy and resource transition are addressed.

Price and Title: Energy InTIME© (Interdisciplinary Transition Innovation, Management & Engineering)
Instructor: Professor Susan Krumdieck
Start Date: April 2021
Format: 6-Module Course. On-Line. Flexible and work at own pace
Length: maximum 8 months (about 20/25h a month) - Or minimum 4 months (about 40h a month) using an accelerated learning plan.

Learn to move your perspective, get un-stuck from the Business-As-Usual, and discover the real value creation in carbon downshift

Learning outcomes: they include working knowledge of the Interdisciplinary Transition Innovation, Management and Engineering (InTIME©) Methodology and key strategic analysis tools. You will gain confidence in the face of what seem like entrenched positions and impossible problems. By the end of the course, you and your organisation will be much more prepared to discover opportunities for transition and to adapt to the future trends in energy and economic downshift.


 For students residing in New Zealand  

 For students residing outside New Zealand 



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 20 Point Micro-Credential
 Badge issued on completion

 CPD points
 Certificate of completion