Joule Heating Publications

Heffernan, W.J.B. (2013) Practical application of Joule heating to the sterilization of plantation grown Pinus radiata logs. Electricity Engineers’ Association Conference, New Zealand. Available online

Nursultanov, N.; Altaner, C.; Heffernan, W. J. B. (2017). Effect of temperature on electrical conductivity of green sapwood of Pinus radiata (radiata pine). Wood Science and Technology, 2017, 51(4):795–809. Available online

Nursultanov, N. (2018). Joule heating of green Pinus radiata logs for phytosanitary purposes: An in-depth investigation by experimentation and computational modelling. PhD Thesis, University of Canterbury, New Zealand.
Thesis embargoed until 27th June 2020

Pawson, S.M.; Bader, M.K.F; Brockerhoff, E.G.; Heffernan, W.J.B.; Kerr, J.L.; O’Connor, B. (2018). Quantifying the thermal tolerance of wood borers and bark beetles for the development of Joule heating as a novel phytosanitary treatment of pine logs. Journal of Pest Science, July 2018. Available online

William J.B. Heffernan; Nurzhan Nursultanov; Ryan van Herel; Thomas Smart. (2018). Joule heating of logs for phytosanitary purposes and timber processing pre-treatment. Advanced Materials Letters, Volume 9, Issue 11, November 2018, pp. 767-775. Available online

Patent Application, Wood heating system and method, PCT/NZ20187/050029

Smart, T. Determining the Distribution of Power Dissipation and Conductivity during Joule Heating of Pinus radiata Logs. Ongoing PhD research, University of Canterbury, New Zealand, 2016 - 2019.
To be published soon