Nikki Newham

PEET Trustee & EPECentre Board MemberNikki Newham

Transmission Sector

Nikki represents the transmission sector in the Power Engineering Excellence Trust, and has been a member of the EPECentre Board of Directors since January 2019.

Nikki is chartered professional engineer with 16 years’ experience, currently working for Transpower NZ Ltd. as their Regional Services Manager, based in Auckland. She is responsible for delivery of grid services for the Northern North Island region including maintenance planning and delivery, contract management, fault response and service provider relationships.

Nikki graduated with BE(Hons) in Electrical Engineering from the University of Canterbury and joined Transpower as a graduate before taking up a role in System Operations. She completed her PhD at the University of Canterbury in Electrical Engineering in 2008 and returned to Transpower, specialising in transmission investment analysis and power system planning.

Prior to her current role Nikki has worked as CEO’s advisor, concentrating on strategic projects and programme coordination. She has also led the System Planning team in studying transmission system capability issues and long-term investment planning.

Nikki continues to support the development of power engineering through mentoring, coaching and career support for graduates and has been a guest lecturer in final year power engineering classes.