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Senior Research EngineerBill Heffernan

Link, room 206
Internal Phone: 95869
Analyzing, synthesizing, designing, building and validating useful electrical and electronic systems for improving life in the real world.

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

High Frequency Power Electronics, Magnetics and Advanced Fabrication Techniques, including application to power supplies, drives, inverters and rectifiers.
Investigation of interactions between non-linear loads and sources and the power grid.
LED lighting, including energy efficiency, light quality and power quality issues.
Instrumentation and Control Systems, design and application to electrical and process technologies.
Sensor and Signal Conditioning circuit design for electrical, physical and environmental measurements.
Electrification of Industrial Processes.

Recent Publications

  • Hayes M., Mitchell B., Bonnett B., Frampton M. and Heffernan W.. (2019) Tank-tests of a Prototype Electromagnetic Groundwater Flowmeter. In.
  • Nursultanov N., Heffernan WJB., van Herel MJWMR. and Nijdam JJ. (2019) Computational calculation of temperature and electrical resistance to control Joule heating of green Pinus radiata logs. Applied Thermal Engineering 159
  • Pawson SM., Bader MKF., Brockerhoff EG., Heffernan WJB., Kerr JL. and O’Connor B. (2019) Quantifying the thermal tolerance of wood borers and bark beetles for the development of Joule heating as a novel phytosanitary treatment of pine logs. Journal of Pest Science 92(1): 157-171.
  • Van Herel R., Heffernan W. and Wood A. (2019) Managing fuse protection in low-voltage networks with distributed generation..
  • Heffernan WJB., Nursultanov N., van Herel R. and Smart T. (2018) Joule heating of logs for phytosanitary purposes and timber processing pre-treatment. Advanced Materials Letters 9(11): 767-775.