Cheng Zhang 2019 GREEN Grid

13 February 2020

Masters of Engineering Management (MEM) student, Cheng Zhang, has completed a review of battery storage technology in New Zealand.

Pinus radiata seedlings

24 February 2020

Computer Engineering student, Joselle Bontilao, has studied through samples testing the electrical conductivity of radiata pine and investigated how it could be enhanced.

Josh Schipper presenting

20 April 2020

Publications on uptake of Variable Renewable Energy whilst maintaining the security of the power system

Solar panel tilt angle

17 April 2020

Electrical and Engineering student, Janariah Ahmad Reza, has developed a tool that calculates the optimal panel tilt angle of a solar PV installation depending on climate and location.

Jiaqi news - joule log heating knots modelling

27 May 2020

Master of Applied Data Science student, Jiaqi Cheng, has developed a computational tool that supports the development of Smart Electrodes.