Recent and on-going Technology Transfers from GREEN Grid Research to the Industry

Electricity Engineers Association (EEA) Guide for the Connection of Small-Scale Inverter-Based Distributed Generation

EPECentre GREEN Grid research team has worked alongside the industry to develop a guide for a consistent nationwide approach connecting solar power and other distributed energy systems to the national grid. Key facts:

  • Released as a consultation draft in 2016
  • Updated in 2017
  • Released as an interim guide in 2018.
  • To be released as final guide - waiting for feedback from Electricity Authority's consultation on Integrating hosting capability into Part 6 of the Code


DGHostTM Service - Distributed Generation connected on Low Voltage Networks

The DGHostTM service, developed from GREEN Grid research by the EPECentre, is a commercial service designed to allow third parties the opportunity to determine approximate hosting capacities for their low voltage networks. It requires a minimal number of input parameters, thereby making the determination of hosting capacity straightforward. If you are interested in DGHostTM for your company, please check our online tool, download the Brochure and sign up! Key facts:


EECA energywiseTM Solar Calculator

The EECA energywiseTM Solar Calculator is a free, easy to use tool to evaluate the benefits of roof-top solar for domestic households. The basis of the calculator was developed by the EPECentre in response to increasing interest in solar electricity systems. The goal of the calculator is to inform and educate the public in an unbiased way so that householders appreciate the financial value of their investment. Key facts:

  • Launched late 2016
  • Over 100,000 visits to date
  • Typical visit over 20 minutes