EPECentre Seminar Series

DGHost to EVHost: Impacts of Photovoltaic Generation and Electric Vehicles on Electricity Distribution Networks


Dr Sharee McNab, Research Engineer, EPECentre

Euan McGill, GREEN Grid PhD Scholar

Time & Place

Tuesday 13 August, 2019, 5:00 pm (Presentation starts 5:30 pm)

E14 Lecture Theatre, Engineering Core or Online ZOOM meeting (access details will be emailed after registration).

All are welcome!


How much growth in solar panels and electric vehicles can our existing electricity networks support before we see negative impacts on network and consumer equipment?

Roof-top photovoltaic (PV) installations are becoming more common in New Zealand, the installed base increasing by 66% in the past two years.  Electric vehicles registrations have also doubled in the past year and this growth is predicted to continue.  Electricity distribution businesses (EDBs) are responsible for managing integration of PV and supporting EV charging in their networks to ensure a reliable, efficient and economic power supply to end-users. 

Network assessment is hindered in many cases by the lack of fully digitized network records to support modelling activities.  In response to this, the EPECentre developed DGHostTM a tool that uses a statistical approach to analyse low voltage networks to determine network hosting capacities of PV.  Network hosting capacities can then be used to streamline new DG applications and also to identify networks to prioritise for reinforcement.  This technique can be extended to hosting electric vehicle charging and early modelling work is presented.

Download: DGHost to EVHost Seminar Slides