Public Seminars

EPECentre hosts public seminars throughout the year, presented by staff, students and special guests.


28 Sept 6pm  Susan Krumdieck It Starts Here and Now – Because we are smarter than bacteria E6, Engineering
28 Oct  9am Hamish Avery and Sheralee MacDonald Equitable Energy Transition for Christchurch -  as part of the UC and Christchurch City Council Sustainability Showcase E6, Engineering and online



8 Dec Josh Schipper Representative Modelling of Very Long HVDC Cables 2021 IET ACDC Conference
2 Sept Bill Heffernen Efficient electrification with Ga2O3 - a robust wide bandgap semiconductor 2021 EEA Conference
18 May Ben Mitchell Modelling for an Electromagnetic Groundwater Flowmeter Online
17 Feb Henry Seaton Conduction losses in cryogenically cooled GaN devices Online 


6 May Dr Bill Heffernan Trapezoidal Current Generator for an Electromagnetic Groundwater Flowmeter Online 
6 May  Ben Mitchell  System Identification for an Electromagnetic Groundwater Flowmeter Online 
30 June  Euan McGill and speakers from WEL Networks and Waipa Networks  A stochastic method for assessing the impact of electric vehicles in low voltage distribution networks
EEA & EPECentre Winter Seminar 1 - Future Networks
21 July  Speakers from Unison, Electra
and ABB 
EEA & EPECentre Winter Seminar 2 - Emerging Technology Online 
25 August  Dr Nurzhan Nursultanov and speakers from Unison, Horizon and Powerco  EEA & EPECentre Winter Seminar 3 - Asset Management Online
29 September Dr Sharee McNab and speakers from Transpower, Powerco and consulting. EEA & EPECentre Winter Seminar 4 - Asset Projects Online
27-30 September Dr John Outram and Dr Josh Schipper Wave Energy Potential with Magnetic Thread power Take-Off ICRERA 2020
24 November Dr Sharee McNab and Dr Josh Schipper EV Hosting Capability Workshop Online


21 May Dr Dougal McQueen The potential for pumped hydro energy storage in New Zealand E14 Lecture Theatre, Engineering Core
13 August Dr Sharee McNab & Euan McGill DGHost to EVHost: Impacts of Photovoltaic Generation and Electric Vehicles on Electricity Distribution Networks E14 Lecture Theatre, Engineering Core
26 August Dr Wallace Vosloo High Voltage Insulation and environmental considerations E14 Lecture Theatre, Engineering Core
16 October Dr Richard Strahan Designing brushless motors and levitating heavy things E14 Lecture Theatre, Engineering Core