Power Engineering Excellence Trust (PEET)

To empower those who will shape New Zealand’s energy future.

PEET is a not-for-profit organisation established in 2002 by industry and academia to ensure a pipeline of power engineering talent. Our members represent many sectors of the electricity industry, including generation, transmission, distribution, contracting, consulting and manufacturing.

PEET activities are supported through a collaborative partnership with the EPECentre, our student interface at the University of Canterbury (UC), through EPECentre's area of operation Education & Outreach.


We inspire and enable tomorrow’s power engineering talent by sharing responsibility, knowledge and opportunity across academia and industry.

What we do

Attract students

We spark interest early with outreach activities and events for primary and secondary school students. By showing them the broad possibilities and advantages of a career in power engineering, we’re encouraging budding fresh perspectives towards our industry. We also offer scholarships for school leavers.

Develop talent

To guide and equip the best of our next generation of power engineers, PEET funds are primarily used as undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships, and sponsorship of industry pertinent, entrepreneurial University of Canterbury students’ groups (eg. UC Motorsport). We also ensure students gain practical insight through industry field trips and site visits.

Connect industry and talent

Students are able to connect and collaborate with the industry to gain vital experience and develop career opportunities. Vice versa, the industry has access to a pipeline of talent. PEET activities through EPECentre include events, field trips, career events and scholars’ functions.