Exemption from a prerequisite or co-requisite

A prerequisite is a course that you must pass before you can do another, usually more advanced, course.

If you do not meet the prerequisite (or co-requisite) for a course, you will be notified via myUC with the status of the course application as failing the prerequisites. If you fail to meet the prerequisites and believe you have grounds for an exemption or want to apply to study the course as a co-requisite, you must contact the relevant department or school to have them approve this. 

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Differences between a prerequisite and a co-requisite

Prerequisites and co-requisites for each UC course are specified in the course descriptions and are published in the UC Calendar.

A prerequisite is a specified course which you must pass before you can enrol in a particular course.

A co-requisite is a course you undertake at the same time as another particular course.

Reasons for exemption

If you have already studied the material covered in the prerequisites/co-requisites in a different UC course or at another university or if you already fulfill the requirement in another way, you can apply for an exemption to the prerequisite/co-requisite.

Although UC may accept transfer credits from either a New Zealand university or an overseas university, this does not automatically exempt you from prerequisites/co-requisites.

How to apply for a prerequisite or co-requisite exemption

Step 1. Apply to UC

Once you have applied to UC and do not fulfill the prerequisites/co-requisites for a course, you will receive a notification.

Step 2. Complete the form

Talk to your college student advisor about your situation before to applying for an exemption. Your advisor will also confirm what evidence is required to support your application. Complete the Application for Exemption from a Prerequisite or Co-requisite form.

Step 3. Gather your supporting documents

To apply for an exemption, you need to demonstrate or provide evidence of either:

  • That you have covered the material in the prerequisite/co-requisite to a comparable standard elsewhere
  • That you have special ability in the subject area of the proposed course

Step 4. Submit the form

Email or post the completed form and supporting evidence the relevant college:

Assessment and notification of application outcomes

The college student advisor and/or academic manager will review the application. Based on the evidence provided they will make a recommendation to the head of department/school. The head of department/school will review the application and make a recommendation before submitting it to the faculty dean.

The dean has the final decision to accept or reject the application.

You will be notified of the outcome of your application via email.

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