Offshore International Enrolment

How to complete your enrolment at UC as an international student studying offshore 

Step 1. Apply to Enrol in myUC

Add courses with a 'D' Occurrence to your Application to Enrol in myUC as courses with a 'D' occurrence can be studied offshore. Check the list of 'D' occurrence (Distance) courses being offered at UC. If you are wanting to take a course that doesn't have a 'D' occurrence, you will need to contact the relevant Student Advisor or Department.

Ensure your contact details are up-to-date.

If you are new to UC, you will need to provide a scanned copy of your passport. A certified hard copy will need to be sent to UC after you've completed your enrolment -  your grades will be withheld until this is received.

If you have studied at UC on campus before 2020, you will need to email to have your Enrolment Agreement generated.

Step 2. Accept your Enrolment Agreement

Your Enrolment Agreement will be generated once course and award approval is confirmed. Log into myUC to review your Agreement. This Agreement will list the courses you will be studying as well as include a statement that outlines the total cost of your enrolment for the semester/s.

If you:

  • want to make changes to your enrolment, please email with details of the changes so a NEW Enrolment Agreement can be generated for you to accept.
  • are happy with the Agreement, please ACCEPT in myUC and confirm payment method - ‘Bank Transfer’.
  • are concerned by course details and/or charges in the Agreement, please email

Step 3. Pay your fees

When you have accepted your Enrolment Agreement you will be advised how to pay your fees. Once this is completed, you will be given access to LEARN and online resources. 

New students enrolling on the Online to On-campus pathway please click here for more information about paying your fees.

Important notes:

  • UC will not be arranging insurance on your behalf and any prepayments made for insurance will remain as credit on your account until you travel to New Zealand. You may need to purchase additional insurance to cover any property you have left in NZ. For insurance options please visit Insurance safe
  • When you travel to NZ to study on campus, you will need to bring relevant documentation to Student Services including your passport and visa. 
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