PhD: Eligibility and Document Requirements

Please be aware we are unable to begin your admission assessment until we receive all required documentation.

Documents requirements are:


GPA Report

Please obtain a GPA report from Scholaro and upload with your application in myUC.
Note: those with New Zealand qualifications are not required to use Scholaro.

Academic documents

Please include a grading scale with your transcript.

  • Master's documents: degree certificate/graduation certificate/transcript

  • Bachelor's documents: degree certificate/graduation certificate/transcript


Evidence of contact with your supervisor, such as email communication, which confirms their availability and support of your application.

Curriculum Vitae

This should include academic history, work history and any relevant research experience.

Identity document

Copy of the biographical page of your passport.


Please note: this is not your intended proposal.

  • If your thesis was submitted in English, please include the full thesis.

  • If your thesis was submitted in a language other than English, please include just the thesis abstract.

  • If you have not completed a thesis, then please supply evidence of relevant research experience.

Evidence of English language proficiency

Find out more about English language requirements.