COVID-19 Vaccination Status Verification

Some UC health and medical qualifications require students to undertake placements in the Health and Disability Sector where a Government vaccination mandate applies.  Students in these qualifications must comply with all Government vaccination mandates and supply evidence of their vaccination status to UC before they start placement. 

If you are unable to be vaccinated for medical reasons, you will need to follow the Government's exemption process

How to verify your vaccination status

If you are in a qualification that involves a placement in the Health and Disability Sector, you will need to verify your vaccination status with UC.

Please email with the following: 

  • your full name
  • your UC student ID number
  • a copy (or screenshot) of your My Vaccine Pass (with the QR code)
  • a copy (or screenshot) of your My Covid Record (with details of your vaccine doses)

You may choose not to disclose your vaccination status; however, we will assume that you are not vaccinated and this will restrict your study options.

We will notify you via email when we have successfully verified your vaccination status. We do not store your My Vaccine Pass or My Covid Record in our systems.

If you have queries regarding this requirement please email


This privacy notice relates to the University’s collection of information about your COVID-19 vaccination status. For some courses we are required by the COVID-19 Public Health Response (Vaccinations) Order 2021 [Vaccine Order] to collect information that identifies you and information about your COVID-19 vaccination status, including the dates you were vaccinated. We have limited the information collected to that which is necessary for the purpose of managing your placement/internship as part of your programme of study. 

We will use the information you provide only to coordinate your placement, and meet the requirements of the Vaccine Order. This will include disclosing information about your specific COVID-19 vaccination status to the relevant external provider prior to the commencement of a placement/internship, and meeting any data requirements of the Ministry of Health under the Vaccine Order. We will not use, share or store this information in any other way, unless this is permitted or required by law.

You can find more information about the way the UC manages personal information we hold about you and how we keep it secure. The Privacy Policy has an overview and the detailed collected and use Information is in the Privacy Declaration. Both are also available here: Our Obligations | University of Canterbury.