Directors of Studies

Contact the Director of Studies for your year for course information and advice.

First Professional Year

Chris Pretty

Associate Professor
Co-Director of Mechatronics/ Director of Studies - Mechatronics 1st Pro Year
Civil Mechanical E513
Internal Phone: 92393

Second Professional Year

Andrew Lapthorn

Senior Lecturer
Director of Studies - Mechatronics 2nd Pro Year
Link Rm 307
Internal Phone: 94546

Third Professional Year

Michael Hayes

Associate Professor
Co-Director of Mechatronics, Director of Studies - Mechatronics 3rd Pro Year
Link Rm 504
Internal Phone: 94541


Sid Becker

Associate Professor
Civil Mechanical E506
Internal Phone: 92155

Christopher Hann

Associate Professor
Director of Postgraduate Studies
Link Rm 502
Internal Phone: 94305