Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer Group

3d sketch model of Thermodynamics car

About the Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer Group

In engineering practice, basic and applied research in thermodynamics and heat transfer is increasingly important today since these play a crucial role in the design of vehicles, power and process plants, cooking and heating devices and even IC chips, among other things. Performance enhancement of any such devices is a constant endeavour which can be achieved through such studies.

Name Areas of study
Susan Krumdieck Fuel cells; alternative energy technologies; energy conservation; energy systems engineering; materials for energy systems.
Sid Becker Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Numerical Model Development, Transport in Biological Media, Electroporation, Transdermal Delivery, Composite Heat Transfer
Technical Assistance
Eric Cox Technical Officer in thermodynamics, automotive, metrology and solar labs.
  • Crossflow heat exchanger analysis
  • Finite time thermodynamics and thermodynamic design optimisation
  • Building infiltration heat exchange
  • Thermal process simulation
  • Multi-stage flash desalination: analysis and modelling
  • Electrohydrodynamic enhancement of heat transfer
  • Heat and mass transfer in historic Antarctic buildings
  • Cooling of hydro-electric generators
  • Temperature management of electronic devices
  • Optimisation of HPHE in HVAC systems for tropical buildings

If the research direction of the Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer Group is of interest to you, and you are in possession (or about to be) of a good Honours degree in Engineering, please contact Professor Susan to discuss the research opportunities the Group has to offer.

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