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2020 PhD completions

  • BALMER, Joel. Model-based Arterial Flow and Stroke Volume Estimation for Hemodynamic Monitoring in a Critical Care Environment. Supervisor Chris Pretty
  • YAZDI, Sina Ghafoorpoor. Particle Image Velocimetry Measurement of Haemodynamics in Compliant Phantoms of Healthy and Stented Arteries. Supervisor Paul Docherty
  • HUANG, Yicun. Continuum model for nanocolumn growth during low-pressure vapour deposition. Supervisor: Catherine Bishop
  • JI, Zuzhen. Optimising Manufacturing Industrial Production Layout for Occupational Health and Safety. Supervisor: Dirk Pons
  • ZADEH, Hossein Najaf. Mass Fabrication of High-Resolution Hydrogels by a high-speed Process using a Thermal 3D screen printing method. Supervisor: Don Clucas
  • TAMADON, Abbas. Characterization of Flow-based Bobbin Friction Stir Welding Process. Supervisor: Dirk Pons
  • MIN, Hae Yeol. Transient Oscillation Control Strategy for Type-4 Wind Turbines in Weak Grids. Supervisor: Geoff Chase

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