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An ability to model the behaviour and response of systems governed by fundamental laws of mechanics underpins much applied engineering analysis. The Applied Mechanics Research Group conducts research with the aim of developing satisfactory predictive models for such systems. Such research often involves a synthesis of theoretical, numerical and experimental work.

Geoff Chase
Non-linear Dynamics and Vibrations, Structures, Control Systems and Computational Modeling and Methods.

Stefanie Gutschmidt
Linear and nonlinear dynamics and vibrations, bifurcation and stability analysis, array and collective group dynamics, multi-scale and multi-physics interactions/crosstalk phenomena.

  • Vibration analysis in DFT locomotives
  • Wave envelope elements for elastic waves
  • Computational modelling of the bifurcation flow and stress fields in the human lung
  • Development and application of computational methods for material failure
  • Development and application of computational methods for fluid-structure interaction phenomena

Research Opportunities

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If the research direction of the Applied Mechanics Group is of interest to you, and if you are in possession of (or about to acquire) a good Honours degree in Mechanical Engineering, please contact:

Geoff Chase

Distinguished Professor
Advisor to Students with Disabilities
Civil Mechanical E502
Internal Phone: 92182

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