Acoustics and Vibrations Research Group

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About the Acoustics and Vibrations Research Group

The Group has a wide range of experience in acoustics and operates unique laboratory facilities to support its study and research relating to sound absorption, sound transmission and sound generation. It is responsive to the needs of New Zealand and encourages relevant projects from industry while undertaking more basic research with long term goals.

If the research direction of the Acoustics and Vibrations Group is of interest to you, and you are in possession (or about to be) of a good Honours degree in Mechanical Engineering, please contact Dr John Pearse, to discuss the research opportunities the Group has to offer.

Current and Recent Research

  • Building acoustics sound transmission though panels and double leaf wall and roof systems, sound absorption in rooms, flanking noise
  • Aero acoustics noise generated by aerofoils, cavity noise and fan noise
  • Duct acoustics sound absorption in ducts, flanking noise
  • Automotive acoustics silencer design, wind noise
  • Sound absorption sound absorption by porous materials, resonant absorption
  • Machinery noise

The Group is equipped with a range of Bruel and Kjaer analysers, sound level meters, sound intensity equipment, noise sources and microphones.

Major items include Bruel and Kjaer 2260 sound level analysers, sound intensity probe kit for 2260, Bruel and Kjaer multi-channel Pulse system, Bruel and Kjaer dosmeter type 4366, Bruel and Kjaer Omnipower Sound Source Type 4296 and a range of microphones including a probe microphone and microphone nose cones.

Laboratory Facilities

  • Instrument Room
  • Reverberation Room
  • Transmission Loss Suite
  • Low Noise Wind Tunnel Facility
  • Duct Test Facility
  • Anechoic Room
  • Automotive Acoustics Facility

See the Mechanical Engineering facilities page for more information about these facilities.

For advice

John Pearse

Associate Professor
Acoustics and design
Civil Mechanical E505
Internal Phone: 92423

Stefanie Gutschmidt

Associate Professor
Linear and nonlinear dynamics and vibrations
Civil Mechanical E507
Internal Phone: 92206

Dan Zhao

Director of Master of Engineering Studies
Civil Mechanical Rm E538
Internal Phone: 92642

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