Postgraduate study

At the Mechanical Engineering Department research leaders and groups pursue cutting-edge research in a wide range of highly interdisciplinary areas. All our research projects offer postgraduate engagement with several options for an internationally recognised degree, such as Masters of Engineering, Master of Engineering Studies and Doctor Philosophy. The Department of Mechanical Engineering has around one hundred postgraduate students, with larger research groups in the fields of  bio-medical, robotics, renewable energy, materials science, design, and solid and fluid-dynamics engineering.

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For further details please contact: 

Sid Becker

Associate Dean (International, Postgraduate)
Civil Mechanical E506

Tim Giffney

Director of Postgraduate Studies (PhD)
Internal Phone: 90317

Milo Kral

Director of Postgraduate Studies (ME) and Industry Liaison
Mechanical Engineering E501

Yilei Zhang

Associate Professor
Director of Master of Engineering Studies
Civil & Mechanical Engineering Rm E542
Internal Phone: 90825

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