UC engineer awarded honorary professorship in China

14 May 2019

Distinguished Professor Geoff Chase was recently awarded an Honorary Professorship of Engineering, as part of the Astronautics Department at the Northwest Polytechnic University (NPU) in Xi’an, China.

Geoff Chase, award, NPU, China

Prof Chase receives the award from Prof Weihong Zhang the Vice Chancellor of NPU

Professor Chase received an honorary professorship after Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) in Xi’an invited two University of Canterbury researchers to showcase their world-leading research. Professor Chase will also be the deputy director of a major new research lab on Intelligent Monitoring and Maintenance at NPU Xi’an and NPU Taicang.

NPU is one of the top 5 engineering schools in China and a leader in Astronautics and Aerospace Engineering. His Professorship at NPU includes deputy leadership of a new Centre for Intelligent Monitoring and Maintenance with Professor Chao Xu, who did a research fellowship at UC with Professor Chase 7 years ago. The centre is co-located at NPU in Xi’an and their Yangtze River campus in Taicang, near Shanghai, and focuses on challenges from Aerospace and Structural Engineering challenges to Biomedicine. As part of the ceremonies, Professor Chase gave several invited seminars on his research at both campuses. 

“The award of an Honorary Professorship, or Consulting Professor as they call it, is a great honor from such a top university and department. I look forward to continuing to work with Prof Xu and NPU via the new research center at both the Xi’an and Taicang campuses”, Professor Chase says.

While Professor Chase and UC postdoctoral fellow Dr Cong Zhou presented a series of seminars to attendees at the Department of Astronautics and Aerospace at NPU Xi’an and NPU Taicang, with a series of seminars, Dr Zhou, also got the opportunity to show off his world leading research at the NPU Young Scholars Forum for top young engineering researchers. This forum aimed to attract outstanding young researchers and promote research exchanges globally on original and cutting-edge innovative research. Dr Zhou was also invited to give a research seminar in the Department of Astronautics on his recent results of digital clones for integrated structural health monitoring. He has been working on the next generation of optimized decision-making structural health monitoring (SHM) for building structures using automated digital clones since 2013 at UC.

“Structural health monitoring was first developed in the field of aerospace and extended to Earthquake Engineering. It was a great privilege to give the invited talk of SHM in this top aerospace school and unique opportunity to share and discuss our research work with other top researchers in this interdisciplinary research field”, says Dr Zhou.

The full news on the NPU web-site.

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