Prof Debbie Munro joins ME

26 August 2018

The Department of ME welcomes Prof Debbie Munro as a new Staff member

Deborah Munro Profile

Prof Munro loves to help improve people’s lives, teaching and sharing knowledge and working with next generation engineering researchers.

The Department of ME welcomes Prof Debbie Munro as a new Staff member.

Prof Munro joins us from Portland, USA where she was based for the last decade. A Californian by education, Prof Munro has a Bachelor’s and Master’s from the University of the Pacific and Stanford University respectively (both in Mechanical Engineering), and a PhD in Biological Systems Engineering from University of California at Davis.

It would not be wrong to say that Prof Munro reached for the stars! She began working at NASA’s Ames Research Centre where she designed support equipment for life science experiments in the wind tunnels and on the Space Shuttle. Then she worked in Japan (and can speak Japanese quite well), returned to NASA, worked on cool robotic dinosaurs at Universal Studios Hollywood and also managed to teach for nearly a decade!

But it was orthopaedic medical devices in which she found her true calling. After a dozen patents in developing a wireless sensor to measure the progress of spinal fusion, she has created a working prototype with industry sponsorship.

When not working, Prof Munro can be seen exploring new places, and hiking, skiing and scuba diving! She recalls a recent trip to Ireland with her daughter where they circuited through the entire island. She says that Ireland is one of the most charming countries she has ever visited.

Fun facts about Prof Munro:

  • Not at all restricted by academics and research, Prof Munro has also published a technical book called “DIY MEMS: Fabricating Micro Electro Mechanical Systems in Open Use Labs” to guide enthusiasts to develop sensors for their applications.
  • Her next book will be a present day science fiction novel called APEX.

Drop in and say hi to Deborah!

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