A/Prof Dan Zhao joins ME

29 January 2018

The Department welcomes Associate Professor Dan Zhao as a new staff member.

Dan Zhao

When not playing his favourite tennis or golf, Dan is busy digging into aerospace engineering, combustion and energy, aeroacoustics, energy harvesting, gas/hydro turbines, noise control, renewable energy, tornado and propulsion among others.

The Department welcomes Associate Professor Dan Zhao as a new staff member.

His research areas have included theoretical, numerical and experimental approaches to study combustion instability, thermoacoustics, fabric drying, energy conversion, heat and mass transfer, fluid-structure interaction, aeroacoustics, aerodynamics, propulsion and energy harvesting.

After completing his Master’s degree at the University of Manchester, Dan pursued a PhD at the University of Cambridge in 2005. By now, he has supervised 5 PhD students, 4 post doctorates and 4 research associates. Dan has been awarded and has completed several projects from various Singaporean organisations like the National Research Foundation, the Civil Aviation Authority Singapore, grants from the Nanyang Technological University and Ministry of Defense. He has also researched for the Singaporean Marine and Energy industries and completed projects from the Singapore Ministry of Education, Ministry of Defense and Singapore Prime Minister’s Office (NRF).

In addition to these achievements, Dan is also actively involved in the editing of several SCI-indexed journals such as the Journal of Aerospace Science and Technology, the Journal of Low Frequency Noise, Vibration and Active Control, and Progress in Aerospace Sciences. He is an Associate editor of AIAA Journal and an Associate editor of International Journal of Aerospace Engineering. In addition, Dan is a member of AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) Aeroacoustics Technical Committee. Currently, AIAA has more than 30,000.00 global members. 

Dan counts Irvine and Ukiah in the USA and Cambridge in the UK as his favourite cities. A big hearty welcome to the Department!