2018 Mech Eng Photographic Competition

18 October 2018

Participate in this photographic competition to show us what best illustrates Mechanical Engineering and replace a picture on the Mech Eng roll-up banner for a prize.

  • Mech Eng Photo Competition, 2018
Mech Eng pull-up banner

The winner will replace this picture on the Mech Eng roll-up banner.

Love what you do at ME? Your creative eye can take you to some cool places (literally)! While we’re aware that capturing Mech Eng in a single shot can be restricting, we’re very keen to see and are open to all sorts of ideas. We are particularly interested in frames that can explain what Mech Eng is about and inspire to join the team. 

Rules of the competition:

  • The competition is open to all Mech Eng students and staff members
  • Your photo has to represent the discipline of Mechanical Engineering from your point of view. People are not a major subject in this competition, so please put the focus on things and not on people
  • Post processing of the image is allowed as long as quality does not suffer
  • The closing date is 19 November 2018
  • The winner will receive a 100$ prize for the best photo which will be placed on the Mech Eng pull-up banner
  • The Department will retain the permission to use participating and winning photos for promotion and marketing purposes.

The fine print:

  • 5 entries per person are allowed
  • Photos should be in JPEG format and high quality (minimum A4 size at 300dpi or not less than 2480 x 3508 pixels)
  • Send your submissions to: mechpublicity@canterbury.ac.nz with a link if necessary.

The Judging Panel is the Mech Eng Department. Winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony. 

Give us your best!