Final Year Project Interview

20 October 2021

Final Year Project Interview – Quin Stanger, Thomas Spillane, Rhys Blaas, Samuel Tzikoucos (left to right)

Jessie Fitzjohn and Geoff Chase

19 October 2021

University of Canterbury PhD student Jessica Fitzjohn is developing a new prize-winning tool for breast cancer diagnosis, which aims to break down the socio-economic, cultural and accessibility barriers of breast-screening.

trawl net 2.1

20 September 2021

University of Canterbury Masters of Engineering student develops equipment to reduce discarding of unwanted fish during trawling

UAV research

07 September 2021

Ten University of Canterbury research projects tackling the big issues have been green-lit with funding worth $23 million.


13 August 2021

Lights, Camera, Action

Luke Campbell

02 August 2021

Two innovative University of Canterbury students have been named as finalists in the KiwiNet Research Commercialisation Awards 2021, competing for the Momentum Student Entrepreneur prize.

Two UC Doctoral Students Received MedTech Core Award

30 July 2021

UC celebrates finalist Mariah McDonald and winner Jake Campbell for their efforts in the 2021 MedTech Core Competition

UC Aerospace Club: Into the Black 2 Mission Report

28 July 2021

Conditions are all pointing go for launch! UC Aerospace club rocket, dubbed Into the Black 2, strived for new heights taking off from Kaitorete Spit this last Saturday at 9:04 am. From launch to the trajectory, the rocket fired through both stages seamlessly and achieved a safe splash-down.

Warman Design & Build Competition 2021

24 July 2021

The Mechanical Engineering Department is happy to announce the successes of Team MonoRail for their final round at the Warman Design & Build Competition at the University of Canterbury.

Blausen blood clot

23 July 2021

University of Canterbury researcher Dr James Hewett has been awarded and early career fellowship to continue research on their project titled - Deep vein thrombosis: getting to the heart of the problem


08 July 2021

New Zealand engineering researchers are working on an innovative modular system to revolutionise the way we construct buildings; not just more rapidly, but also more environment-friendly, quake-resilient and recyclable.

Richard Green, Dan Zhao, Kelvin Barnside

06 July 2021

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) aka drones are revolutionising surveying and inspection tasks that once required manned aircraft. Two University of Canterbury academics are working to take this capability to the next level, to enable drones to use tools with high precision in mid-air in difficult changeable settings.

UC Connect 2021

05 July 2021

University of Canterbury (UC) researchers are tackling the knock-on effects of playing rugby by engineering a better way to protect young players’ brains from concussion.

Deb Munro

23 June 2021

University of Canterbury (UC) innovators and their health technology solutions are the winners of 2021 HealthTech awards announced at a ceremony in Auckland last night.

Mohammad Sagor Hosen and Mark Staiger

14 June 2021

Laboratory testing to find out whether masks and other protective gear used against Covid-19 can be safely disinfected and potentially reused is under way at the University of Canterbury (UC).

Catherine Bishop

11 June 2021

Cutting-edge research into obtaining tech-critical metals from mixed oxides could play an important role in helping Aotearoa New Zealand transition to a zero-carbon country.

Nina Pernus

12 April 2021

Her first encounter with biomechanics was training humanoid robots to perform human-like motion – and since then Nina Pernus hasn’t looked back. The University of Canterbury (UC) Biomechanics in Sports Coaching teaching assistant, and Bioengineering PhD student, now wants to show young people - and especially young women - the many opportunities available in the multidisciplinary field of biomechanics.

Green hydrogen

16 March 2021

In a new article on The Conversation, Adjunct Professor Susan Krumdieck looks at whether Aotearoa New Zealand could achieve low-carbon transport via direct electrification, rather than green hydrogen.

Misko Cubrinovski

18 February 2021

A range of world-leading experts from the University of Canterbury have featured in podcasts discussing their earthquake research on the RNZ science programme Our Changing World with journalist Alison Ballance.


28 January 2021

From transducers to ultrasonic motors, ferroelectric ceramics are at the heart of today’s consumer electronics yet what causes these versatile materials to age and degrade is poorly understood. With most containing toxic lead, cleaner alternatives are also urgently needed.


16 November 2020

Innovative medical technology that could help thousands of Covid-19 patients recover is being offered to hospitals around the world for free by University of Canterbury researchers.

Dr Deb Munro

23 October 2020

Several University of Canterbury (UC) innovators and their health technology solutions are among the inaugural winners of the first HealthTech Supernode Challenge, a national innovation challenge, announced at an awards ceremony in Christchurch last night.


16 September 2020

A simple, low-cost, open source, 3D-printed solution developed by University of Canterbury engineers could save thousands of patients’ lives around the world.

UC Aerospace club

11 September 2020

UC Aerospace, one of the largest academic clubs at the University of Canterbury is aiming to make Canterbury a hub for aerospace talent by building career pathways for students. The club runs multiple outreach programmes at both primary and high-school levels to grow student interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and rocketry.

UC Connect Resiliance

03 September 2020

A decade after the September 2010 earthquake, University of Canterbury (UC) Engineering technology is being used to quake-proof buildings, build the “Ferrari of bridges”, and predict the future in order to save lives in these shaky isles and around the world.

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