Mathieu Sellier

Head of Department - Mechanical Engineering
Civil Mechanical Building - E518
Internal Phone: 92383

Geoffrey Rodgers

Deputy Head of Department
Civil Mechanical E511
Internal Phone: 92270

Keith Alexander

Civil Mechanical E523
Internal Phone: 92213

Sid Becker

Associate Professor
Civil Mechanical E506
Internal Phone: 92155

Catherine Bishop

Associate Professor
Director of Postgraduate Studies (PhD/ME)
Civil Mechanical E514
Internal Phone: 92137

Geoff Chase

Distinguished Professor
Advisor to Students with Disabilities
Civil Mechanical E502
Internal Phone: 92182

Don Clucas

Associate Professor
Civil Mechanical E521
Internal Phone: 92212

Paul Docherty

Associate Professor
Civil Mechanical E510
Internal Phone: 92230

Mark Garnich

Associate Professor
Director of Studies 3rd Year Engineering
Civil Mechanical Rm E529
Internal Phone: 94635

Tim Giffney

Internal Phone: 90317

Shayne Gooch

Associate Professor
John Britten 113
Internal Phone: 92392

Stefanie Gutschmidt

Associate Professor
Civil Mechanical E507
Internal Phone: 92206

Mark Jermy

Civil Mechanical E525
Internal Phone: 92276

Natalia Kabaliuk

Civil & Mechanical Engineering Rm E508
Internal Phone: 92970

Milo Kral

International Director of Studies
Mechanical Engineering E501
Internal Phone: 92102

Deborah Munro

Senior Lecturer
Director of Studies 2nd Year Engineering
Civil Mechanical Rm E547A
Internal Phone: 90446

John Pearse

Associate Professor
Undergraduate Director of Studies
Civil Mechanical E505
Internal Phone: 92423

Dirk Pons

College of Engineering Dean (Academic)
Associate Professor
Civil Mechanical E544
Internal Phone: 95826

Chris Pretty

Associate Professor
Co-Director of Mechatronics/ Director of Studies - Mechatronics 2nd Year Engineering
Civil Mechanical E513
Internal Phone: 92393

Mark Staiger

Associate Professor
Director of Studies 4th Year Engineering
Civil Mechanical E512
Internal Phone: 92181

Digby Symons

Associate Professor
Director of Final Year Research & Development Projects
Civil & Mechanical Engineering E537
Internal Phone: 92171

Malcolm Taylor

Lecturer (Teaching and Admin only)
Civil Mechanical E531
Internal Phone: 92139

Yilei Zhang

Associate Professor
Civil & Mechanical Engineering Rm E542
Internal Phone: 90825

Dan Zhao

Director of Master of Engineering Studies
Civil Mechanical Rm E538
Internal Phone: 92642