Postgraduate study and research

Is postgrad studies an option for me?

Some have noticed a trend that companies in Europe and the US increasingly recruit those with prior research experience. Hence postgraduate study is becoming a requisite for a career in those markets. At the Department of Mechanical Engineering, we offer a Masters programme that includes a research thesis as a major component. Research topics can be discussed with potential supervisors. Approximately 50% of mechanical academics are active in bioengineering research.

Students who achieve above average grades in their Masters thesis, or high grades in a BE(Hons) are eligible to apply to enroll in a PhD. Those with very high grades and certain prior experience may be eligible for scholarships. PhDs involve research at an internationally competitive level and produce novel scientific outcomes. 

While Bioengineering at the Bachelor level is studied under the Mechanical Engineering Programme at postgraduate level it is a direct qualification.

Postgraduate study in Bioengineering is offered through the Master of Bioengineering and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Those on the Masters programme are expected to include up to 45 points of courses.

Masters programme

ENBI690 - Bioengineering ME Thesis

ENME690 - Bioengineering ME Thesis

Doctor of Philosophy programme

ENBI790- Bioengineering PhD Thesis

ENME790 - Bioengineering PhD Thesis


Sid Becker

Associate Dean (International, Postgraduate)
Civil Mechanical E506
Internal Phone: 92155

Tim Giffney

Director of Postgraduate Studies (PhD)
Internal Phone: 90317

Mark Jermy

Director of Postgraduate Studies (ME)
Civil Mechanical E525
Internal Phone: 92276

Dan Zhao

Associate Professor
Director of Master of Engineering Studies
Civil Mechanical Rm E538
Internal Phone: 92642

Explore our individual research interests and existing research groups, and contact the research leader. The actual enrollment processes are coordinated by the College of Engineering for the Masters (ENBI690) and the University for the PhD degree (ENBI790) in Bioengineering. One of the first steps is to check entry requirements and to register, which can be done here (Masters – ENBI690) and here (PhD - ENBI790). In any case please get in touch with one of the student advisors:

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