Seminar Series

Health and Safety by Design


Dr. Joseph Bain, Operations Director


Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Canterbury

Time & Place

Fri, 01 Oct 2021 12:00:00 NZDT in E9 Lecture Theatre


This seminar will provide an overview of the legal and ethical responsibilities of engineers to design for the health and safety of people affected by their designs. The presentation will be given from an industry point of view, will explore some of the health and safety management techniques that can be incorporated into design processes, and the benefits of doing so.
The presentation will draw on a number of case studies where failures in the design process have caused harm to people – these case studies will range from complex systems to very simple design failings, to demonstrate the influence that designers can have on injuries and fatalities.
The presentation will elaborate on the NZ Society for Safety Engineering’s view that health and safety is a core element of engineering practice, and especially of design practice, that all professional engineers need to be familiar with.


Dr. Joseph Bain obtained his BE(Hons) and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Canterbury. Since then, he has worked in engineering consultancy in a range of different industry sectors. The current focus of his work is health and safety engineering, where he helps clients apply engineering solutions to health and safety problems. Joe is routinely engaged as an expert witness on H&S cases, by both regulators and law firms, and also provides CPD courses to engineers in the H&S field. Joe is also a Director of Motovated Design & Analysis, a multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy based in Christchurch.
Dr. Bain is a Chartered Professional Engineer and Chartered Member of Engineering NZ. He currently serves as the Chair of the NZ Society for Safety Engineering.


Dr. Joseph Bain