Seminar Series

Investigations on Tip Deflection and Stress distribution of Thermally Driven Cantilevers


Vamshi Katam


Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Canterbury

Time & Place

Mon, 09 Nov 2020 14:30:00 NZDT in E13, Engineering Core


This talk presents on investigations of the response of micromachined cantilevers under a constant uniform thermal loading. The analysis is performed on three different cantilever model geometries with same material properties and under a constant thermal load of 150°C applied to the actuator layer. The objective is to find the efficient cantilever model that has maximum stress and maximum actuating efficiency at sensor locations. The cantilever designs are components of three layers as silicon base, insulation layer as silicon dioxide and actuator as aluminium. Each of the three cantilever designs (A, B, C) were investigated by finite element analysis on varied silicon thicknesses ranging from 2 µm to 10 µm. The length of the beam (360 µm), the thickness of actuator (0.7 µm) and the thickness of insulation layer (0.5 µm) are maintained to be constants. In the investigation, we found that the maximum deflection in a range of 5 µm was achieved by Design A and the maximum stress was generated in Design C. The smallest variation in deflection compared to that of Design A with maximised stress is achieved by Design C, and stood in a good agreement.

Mech Eng seminar, Vamshi Katam

Supervisor: A/Prof Stefanie Gutschmidt


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Meeting ID: 973 9091 2600 

Passcode: 622941