Seminar Series

A Systematic Method for Developing Bowtie and Risk Assessment


PhD Candidate Jonas Aust


Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Canterbury

Time & Place

Tue, 10 Nov 2020 13:30:00 NZDT in E13, Engineering Core


Bowtie analysis is a broadly used tool in risk management to identify root causes and consequences of hazards and show barriers that can prevent or mitigate the events to happen. Limitations of the method are reliance on judgement and an ad hoc development process. Systematic approaches are needed to identify threats and consequences, and to ascertain mitigation and prevention barriers. A new conceptual framework is introduced by combining the Bowtie method with the 6M structure of Ishikawa to categorise the threats, consequences and barriers. The method is developed for visual inspection of gas turbine components, for which an example is provided. Provision of a more systematic methodology has the potential to result in more comprehensive Bowtie risk assessments, with less chance of serious omissions. The method is expected to find application in the broader industry, and to support operators who are non-risk experts but have application-specific knowledge, when performing Bowtie risk assessment.

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Mech Eng Seminar, Jonas Aust

Mech Eng Seminar, Jonas Aust