Seminar Series

From Aerospace to Medical Devices and Back


Dr Mark Reeves


MRA Technology Limited, UK

Time & Place

Fri, 10 May 2019 10:00:00 NZST in E16 (Lecture Theatre), Engineering CORE


The presentation will include aspects of some of the most interesting projects encountered in each field, emphasising the importance of “doing things properly” and the responsibility and challenges associated with being a diligent engineer within a culture of sometimes over-enthusiastic inventors and investors.

Mech Eng seminar, Mark Reeves


Mark Reeves spent the first half of his career working in R&D environments in universities and industry, developing and applying optical methods for visualisation and measurement in difficult engineering applications. These ranged from “seeing thin air” in aerospace and automotive fluid mechanics, to visualising and measuring vibration, shape, chemical species, displacement and strain. After working for 15 years as a consultant in the highly regulated area of medical device development, the “perfect project” recently arose combining high pressure gas handling and a breathing system to be used in the extreme environment of high altitude parachute jumping.

Mech Eng seminar, Mark Reeves