Seminar Series

ENS Rennes and SATIE, French University and laboratory


A/Prof Florence Razan


Mechatronic Department, ENS Rennes and SATIE group

Time & Place

Wed, 11 Dec 2019 15:00:00 NZDT in 117 HP Seminar Room, John Britten building


The seminar will give an insight of education in a French University, including a Mechatronic Department, and of systems for information measurement and analysis in SATIE group.

The presentation will start with the global mission and education in ENS and, afterwards, will focus on the Mechatronic Department in ENS Rennes. Then, the SATIE group will be introduced with especial attention to research on biomicrosensors. Indeed, formation and properties of some soft material are not well understood and need to be assessed. To monitor and control mechanical properties of materials, microsensors (design and manufacturing) are developed in SATIE group.

Mech Eng seminar, Florence Razan


Florence Razan received a master in physic and electronic in 2002 and a PhD in microsystems of Bordeaux University (France) in 2005. She is currently an HDR associate professor at ENS Rennes (Mechatronic Department) and in SATIE group. Her main interest concerns the development of biosensors (design and manufacturing) for soft material characterization.

Mech Eng seminar, Florence Razan