Seminar Series

Care by Design at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare


Larissa Michelsen


Fisher & Paykel

Time & Place

Mon, 16 Sep 2019 14:00:00 NZST in E128, Meeting Room 2 in Engineering CORE


Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s first heated humidifier began in one city with three people, a can-do attitude and a prototype humidifier made from a modest fruit preserving jar. In the last 50 years, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare has grown from one city to multiple countries, and that can-do attitude of our founders remains alive today. Their business brings talented people together to solve problems so that millions of patients can have healthier, more restful, productive lives. Humidity is crucial to respiratory health and well-being. F&P’s focus on this fundamental belief has seen them expand their portfolio of unique and patented humidification technologies across multiple applications in hospitals and homes around the world. Whether it’s the delicate lungs of a premature newborn baby or the tender lungs of an ageing grandparent. They’ve crafted humidification technologies to support their specific respiratory needs. Larissa will provide a brief overview of F&P's history, describe F&P’s ‘Care by Design’ approach, and delve into the development story of one of their world famous infant respiratory products.

Mech Eng Seminar, Fisher & Paykel, Larissa Michelsen


Larissa Michelsen is Product Development Engineer who has worked in Europe, Australia and now New Zealand. She has spent the last four years at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare developing everything from surgical humidifiers to neonatal respiratory equipment. Her focus is on improving the product user experience for both patients and care givers.