Seminar Series

Lithium Dendrite Growth in Rechargeable Batteries


Prof. R. E. García


Purdue University, USA

Time & Place

Thu, 17 May 2018 14:00:00 NZST in E530, Level 5, Mechanical Engineering Wing


Lithium dendrites are formations that grow like branched tumors when batteries are recharged at high current densities and are responsible for internal short circuits and catastrophic fires. It is well documented in the scientific literature that lithium dendrites grow by depositing lithium at the top (tip-controlled) at high current densities and into mossy structures that push lithium from the base (base-controlled) under low current densities. Analytical and numerical calculations are being developed to demonstrate the concurrent impact of electrochemical drives forces and plastic deformation to controlling the time dependent morphology during dendrite growth. In addition, the complex multiphysical dendrite-dendrite electro-chemo-mechanical interactions to rationalize local electric fields, electrodeposition rates, mechanical stresses, and plastic velocities that are otherwise difficult to visualize in-situ in experiments are quantified to provide a framework and design guidelines for the fabrication of dendrite-free rechargeable batteries.

Lithium Dendrite Growth in Rechargeable Batteries