Seminar Series

Creating a gradient of grain sizes in 70/30 Brass


N. Breeuwer, Dr. Catherine Bishop



Time & Place

Thu, 25 Oct 2018 14:00:00 NZDT in 309, Level 3, Link Building


Computational modelling of grain growth on a super computer has detected a 15% increase in the rate of grain growth at the early stages. To date, there is no model to support this and there is a need for it to be checked empirically. To be able to test this theory, a single sample with a gradient of grain sizes had to be produced. This presentation will touch on the computational process used to design the brass tensile sample, and the method of creating the gradient in the grains through cold work and a heat treatment. Subsequently, the non-contact strain measurement (DIC) used to verify the simulations will be explained, as will the process used to electropolish such a large sample.

Was this project successful in creating a gradient in the grains?

ME Departmental Seminar, Creating a gradient of grain sizes in 70/30 Brass‌‌

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