Mechanical Engineering Seminar Series

The Role of Corrosion Management in Prevention of Corrosion Failures


Prof Alec Groysman


Mechanical and Chemical Engineering Departments, The Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel

Time & Place

Thu, 30 Mar 2017 15:00:00 NZDT in E12 (Engineering Core)


The aim of this seminar is to analyze the role of corrosion management in prevention of corrosion accidents related primarily to safety of personnel and the environment.
Corrosion management includes planning actions for corrosion mitigation and prevention. This is achieved by use of anti-corrosion measures, corrosion monitoring, regular inspection, study of each accident, implementation of meetings, publications of minutes, education, and knowledge transfer.

Many corrosion failures are caused by mismanagement in corrosion policy. The reasons of inevitability of corrosion failures and ways for their decreasing are analyzed. Humans are responsible in 65-90% of corrosion cases occurring in different industries. The human factor is a key issue in corrosion management and reducing corrosion accidents. The reasons of humans` mistakes are the lack of awareness, education, knowledge, and training, incorrect design, lack of corrosion monitoring, insufficient control and supervision, lack of motivation and incentives to reduce corrosion risk, and wrong operation.

It is suggested to establish legislation about corrosion management on the state and federal levels, improve education of students, experienced engineers, educators, and managers, and knowledge transfer. Penalties of management can force them to put more attention on corrosion problems and make it priority issue in technical and economic policy at enterprises.