Seminar Series

Simultaneously Strong and Tough Continuous Nanofibers


Prof Yuris Dzenis


Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Nebraska Center for Materials and Nanoscience, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Time & Place

Thu, 04 May 2017 15:00:00 NZST in E12


The bulk of nanomaterials research to date focused on nanoparticles. Continuous nanofibers are becoming increasingly available thank to emerging nanomanufacturing technologies. This presentation reviews recent theoretical and experimental breakthroughs on high-performance continuous nanofibers and nanocomposites, conducted by the author’s group. Nanomanufacturing, nanofiber characterization, modeling, and design issues are covered. Examples of novel nanofibers, their assemblies and nanocomposites are presented. Unique simultaneous increases in strength and toughness of nanofibers with their diameter decrease are demonstrated for the first time and discussed. Recent breakthroughs on nanofiber-reinforced supernanocomposites (defined as nanocomposites exceeding the properties of conventional advanced composites [3]) are presented. Recommendations on the cost- effective design of structural nanocomposites for near-to-medium term applications are formulated.

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