Seminar Series

Additive Manufacturing for Spaceflight Applications


Mr Craig Brice, PhD cand.


Lockheed-Martin, UC-Mech P

Time & Place

Thu, 17 Mar 2016 15:00:00 NZDT in Erskine 101


Manufacturing and assembly of spaceflight structures is time consuming and expensive. Spacecraft production volumes are extremely low making it difficult to take advantage of high production rate benefits. Each spacecraft is essentially unique. This fact makes additive manufacturing (AM) particularly attractive for space structure fabrication. Lockheed Martin is pursuing additive manufacturing applications across a number of spacecraft programs using a variety of methods and materials. The goals are to increase performance while reducing both cost and lead time. This requires advancements in the process and in the materials available through AM methods. This talk will highlight some of the early successes, the current work towards qualification of materials and certification of highly critical parts, and the future vision of AM for fabricating spacecraft structures within Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company.