Shayne Gooch

Associate ProfessorShayne Gooch

Director of Studies 3rd Year Engineering
Civil Mechanical E504
Internal Phone: 92392

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests are:
- Design process management and education: Implementing information sharing activities in engineering design teaching between the Universities of Bath and Canterbury; Web-based system for managing engineering design projects is being developed to improve information sharing efficiency between geographically dispersed engineering designers.
- Design for people with impaired arm strength: design studies for people with tetraplegia and other arm strength reducing illnesses; studying people with C5/C6 tetraplegia, pre and post muscle transfer surgery, to determine the effect on their ability to propel a wheelchair (in conjunction with Professor Alastair Rothwell, Jeniffer Dunn and the Canterbury Orthopaedic Services research group).
- Design of flexible vibrating structures: using dimensionless formulae to study the influence of design parameters and increasing size on structural properties; mathematical studies to predict the vibratory response of flexible structures.

Recent Publications

  • Hales C. and Gooch S. (2004) Managing Engineering Design. (2nd ed.). London & New York: Springer. 252pp.
  • Medland AJ., Hicks BJ. and Gooch SD. (2008) Using Constraints in the Understanding of the Interactions between Products and Humans. In Langdon P; Clarkson J; Robinson P (Ed.), Designing Inclusive Futures: 15-22. London: Springer Verlag.
  • Stilwell G., Symons D., Gooch S. and Dunn J. (2023) Quantitative functional assessment of multidirectional upper limb strength for individuals in a seated position. Applied Ergonomics 110
  • O'Keefe AN. and Gooch SD. (2015) On the Properties of a Traveling Ruck in a Flexible Strip. Journal of Applied Mechanics 82(4) 41002: 7.
  • Gooch SD. and Raine JK. (2003) The Engineering Design of a Vibrating Kinetic Sculpture. Spectrum - Vibrations Association of New Zealand 41: 5pp.