Kent Stewart

After successfully bagging a PhD in Mechanical Engineering at UC, Kent Stewart is now a post doctorate at The Institute for Medical Device Technology in the University of Stuttgart, Germany. Kent says that travelling internationally for conferences motivated him to seek the vast research opportunities and resources overseas, which in turn directed him to go overseas.

At the University of Stuttgart, Kent works on supervising student engineering projects, labs and assisting with lectures, and also conducting research in areas such as surgical robotics, medical imaging, and personal medical assistance devices. Kent completed his PhD under the supervision of Dr. Chris Pretty and Dist. Prof. Geoff Chase at the UC Centre for Bioengineering.

In his PhD thesis titled “Model-based glycaemic control using subcutaneous insulin for inpatients”, Kent developed, simplified and improved the STAR protocol – Stochastic TARgeted (STAR) model-based Glycaemic Control (GC) used for all patients in the ICU – for better suited use with patients having Type 2 diabetes, making it more adaptable for a range of settings. He also designed and initiated a clinical trial at St George’s Hospital in Christchurch to further investigate the metabolic behaviours of individuals with Type 2 diabetes. This clinical trial is currently running.

In his free time, Kent enjoys exploring the many activities and cultural experiences in Germany. The ME department wishes Kent all the success in his future endeavours!