Chris Thomson

Chris Thomson graduated from a BE(Hons) Mechanical Engineering degree in 2005. He came to Uni after working as an Aircraft Technician in the Royal New Zealand Airforce. Upon graduation, he continued to pursue his interest in the aviation sector; designing aircraft repairs at Air NZ, prototyping wind turbine blades at Vestas, and leading VIP jet projects at Altitude Aerospace Interiors

Aircraft engineering always appealed to Chris as a field where multiple disciplines come together to make such a complex machine fly. “The combination of materials, structures, fluids and systems engineering I learned during my degree gave me such a great spread of knowledge and career options” Chris says.

For the last six years he’s been working for Callaghan Innovation, supporting development of the NZ unmanned aircraft industry, driving smart grid technology in the energy sector, and managing collaborative industry R&D projects. His current role is Group Manager - Advanced Manufacturing at Callaghan Innovation, based in Wellington where he leads a team of NZ's foremost experts in advanced engineering, robotics, automation, 3D printing and manufacturing technology. He’s on a mission to help NZ businesses succeed through technology and is always looking out for the next big thing!