Members of the School are engaged in research across a broad range of areas within mathematics, statistics, and data science. The School hosts the Biomathematics Research Centre as well as the Combinatorics, Geometry, and Number Theory (COGENT) research group. Several members of the School are closely involved with Te Pūnaha Matatini, a national Centre of Research Excellence which was recently refunded. Specific details of individual member’s research interests are highlighted below. An individual’s publications are available as part of the UC Research Profile.

AcademicResearch Interests
Brendan Creutz
  • Number theory
  • Algebraic geometry
  • Computational algebra
Mark Hickman
  • symmetries of differential equations
  • invariance under groups
  • algebraic computing
  • differential-difference equations
  • conservation laws
Alex James
  • Biological modelling
Ngin-Tee Koh
  •  Complex function theory
Jeanette McLeod
  • Combinatorics; in particular asymptotic enumeration, Latin squares, graph colouring and random graphs
Clemency Montelle
  • History and philosophy of mathematics
  • Preparation, translation and commentary of ancient mathematical texts
  • Greek, Latin, Sanskrit, Arabic and Akkadian mathematical texts
  • Ancient mathematical astronomy and modelling
Miguel Moyers Gonzalez
  • Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics
  • Hydrodynamic stability of complex fluids
  • Computational mathematics
  • Haemodynamics
Rua Murray
  • Dynamical systems and ergodic theory
  • Mathematical physiology
  • Energy and transport
  • Maximum entropy optimisation methods
  • Mathematical ecology
  • Numerical effects in dynamics
Mike Plank
  • Mathematical modelling of complex biological and social systems
  • Ecological and social networks
  • Ecology and exploitation of marine ecosystems
  • Stochastic models
Chris Price
  • Direct search methods in Optimization
  • Global optimisation
  • Applications of optimisation in industry and commerce
  • Semi-infinite programming
  • Acoustics
Charles Semple
  • Combinatorics
  • Phylogenetics
  • Matroid theory 
Mike Steel
  • Algorithms
  • Bioinformatics
  • Combinatorics
  • Discrete and stochastic models
  • Mathematical biology
  • Probability theory
  • Theoretical biology and evolutionary genetics
Gunter Steinke 
  • Automorphism groups of geometries
  • Circle geometries and generalized quadrangles
  • Finite Laguerre planes and related geometries
  • Ovals in finite projective planes
  • Topological geometry
Rachael Tappenden
  • Optimization
  • Numerical linear algebra
Geertrui Van de Voorde
  • Finite projective geometry
  • Coding theory
  • Graph theory
Felipe Voloch
  • Number theory
  • Algebraic geometry,
  • Applications to coding theory
  • Cryptography
Phillip Wilson
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Public outreach
  • Philosophy of mathematics
  • Modelling geophysical processes
  • Modelling biological and medical processes
  • Modelling industrial processes
  • Mathematics education
AcademicResearch Interests
Jennifer Brown
  • Animal population assessment
  • Ecological statistics
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Experimental design
  • Sampling theory
  • Earthquake research
  • Water
  • Health
Fabian Dunker
  • Statistical inverse problems
  • Nonparametric statistics
  • Econometrics
Giulio Dalla Riva
  • Data scientific approaches to complex networks
  • Analysis and modelling of ecological networks
  • Modelling of ecological and evolutionary phenomena
Gabor Erdelyi  
Daniel Gerhard
  • Nonlinear models
  • Hierarchical models
  • Simultaneous inference
  • Model selection
Elena Moltchanova
  • Applied Bayesian spatio-temporal modelling
  • Epidemiology
  • Modelling of extreme events
  • Control charts
  • Ecological modeling
Marco Reale
  • Time series analysis
  • Statistical learning
  • Stochastic optimization
  • Econometrics
Blair Robertson
  • Numerical optimization
  • Data Mining
  • Sampling theory
  • Computational mathematics and statistics
  • Applied mathematics
Varvara Vetrova
  • Applied statistics
  • Machine learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Spatio-temporal data
  • Seasonal climate forecasting
  • Fine-grained recognition
Jennifer Wilcock
  • Statistical methods in biostatistics
  • Statistical methods for transportation engineering
  • Statistical theory, particularly for semiparametric models