Duttatrey Srivastava

Studying towards a PhD in Mathematics
Location: Jack Erskine
Country of origin: India
Duttatrey Srivastava


Primary Supervisor: Brendan Creutz

Research Interests

  • Computational Number Theory
  • Arithmetic Geometry
  • Brauer-Manin Obstructions

Working thesis title

Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry

Personal Interests

Reading, Puzzles, Writing, Hiking(or Tramping).

Campus Life

  • I am an invited Postgraduate Student Representative in the School Strategy Group for 2021.
  • I am the Vice President for the UC Post-Graduate Students Association 2021 (ucpgsa.org)
  • I have been a volunteer for MathsCraft ( http://www.mathscraftnz.org/), New Zealand since 2019. It is really fun!
  • I have been organizing the UC Students’ Mathematics Colloquium since October 2020.

Personal History

Before coming to New Zealand, I have lived across towns in India, including but not limited to Mankapur, Gorakhpur, Mumbai, Pune and Bhopal.

Academic History


Integrated Bachelors and Masters in Science(M.Sc.) with Mathematics( 2012-2017)


UM-DAE Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences, Mumbai

Awarded INSPIRE Fellowship by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

Master's Thesis: Simple Zeros of Dedekind Zeta-functions

Guide: Dr Ravi Raghunathan, IIT, Mumbai

Professional History


Tutor for courses in Mathematics at University of Canterbury: including MATH101, MATH102, MATH103, EMTH118, EMTH119, EMTH119(Summer) and MATH363 


Junior Research Fellow (Aug 2017 - Apr 2018)

  1. Topic: Vector Bundles satisfying point property
  2. PI: Prof. Sanjay K. Singh, IISER Bhopal
  3. Funding Agency: Science and Engineering Research Board(SERB), Department of Science and Technology(DST), Govt. of India



  1. Title: Brauer Manin obstructions on Hyperelliptic Curves, 26 Nov 2020, New Zealand Mathematics and Statistics Postgraduate Conference 2020 (Online Conference)
  2. Title: Brauer Manin obstructions on Curves, 24 Nov 2019, New Zealand Mathematics and Statistics Postgraduate Conference 2019 


  1. UC Students’ Mathematics Colloquium
    1. Amazing Mazes,  29th January 2020, 
    2. Sums and Composition: October 9th, 2020 
  2. Christchurch Mathematics Masterclass, Organised by: NZ Mathematics Olympiad Committee
    1. Continued Fractions,18 Nov 2019
    2. Parity and Pigeonhole Principle, 15 Apr 2019
  3. Workshops,Courses and Summer Schools Attended
    1. CMI HIMR Summer School in Computational Number Theory, University of Bristol, UK 17-28 Jun 2019